Day 2

I will start this post by saying that I actually did get up before the alarm at 6:30 yesterday morning, walk the dog, shower, PUT ON MAKE UP, wear real clothes, and go to work for a few hours. I was spent by noon though and came on home. Times like now I am rather thankful I have a redonkulously flexible job.

I lunched, napped, walked the dog again, paid several bills (which I did online - not a very strenuous task). THEN the boredom hit. So I went up to the bebe's room to see if there was any errant tag I may have missed, a manual yet to read, or a gadget yet to be fiddled with. I opened the closet and spotted the Moby Wrap. I have no clue where the name is from, but I am thinking it has nothing to do with the musician.

It's basically a long-ass piece of stretchy fabric. And I'm pretty certain the technique is centuries old. Even my rudimentary sewing skills could produce this product. But I registered for it anyway. I've heard it can be quite confusing, but trusty youtube had some instructional videos and I figured it out on the first test drive:

(yes, those are the same clothes as the picture from the day before. And those are the end credits to M*A*S*H*).

So I got the thing on, but then there are a bajillion different ways to insert your baby. You can go with the Hug Hold, as shown above. There also the Lotus Hold, Kangaroo Hold, the Hike Hold, the Cradle Hold, etc ...

Wait a second, I don't have a baby yet! How was I able to pull off this practice session? With a 26-year-old Wicket the Ewok stuffed animal!

(new episode of M*A*S*H* starting in the background).


Behind closed doors

Left all alone for the weekend as her husband flits off to Nashville for a swim meet, the 37-week pregnant woman gets a bet bored. I'm never up at 11:23 pm, but I am afraid to go to bed. Afraid I will be awakened in the night by some sort of pregnancy/impending delivery pain, only to reach for hubs to say "honey, it's time" (just like in a 1950's sitcom, right?) only to remember that he is in a hotel two hours away. I promise I will do my best to reference this post and laugh heartily about my paranoia in 4 weeks when I am well-past my due date.

Okay, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she assured me that bebe would be on the inside for a few more weeks at least, and to confidently send my husband away. But I have an over active imagination even when I'm not at the end of a pregnancy, so it's like 15 times worse now.

How am I staying busy? I just polished off the leftovers from my dinner. PastaRoni. Yeah, I guess if anything, I've had cravings for over-processed, easily-prepared, cardboard-boxed dinners. Man this stuff is good. And I've taken all of 3 pictures of my belly this whole pregnancy. So I put the handy-dandy Photobooth application to good use. That's Good Eats on the Food Network on in the background. AB is making a yellow cake ... mmmm, a yellow cake. You know, there is a 24-hour Wal-Mart (literally) about 1 mile from my home.

Well, Unwrapped is on now and they are touring a Milky Way candy bar factory. I'm set until midnight now at least.