We were on a break!

Oh poor little neglected blog!

I hate to say that I really don't have much to write about these days. No marathon training right now. Just work, which is still going well. So I am going to take an official blogging break for a bit. When something of note happens, I'll write it up.



Maybe I should change my "Before I'm 31" goal to "consistently writing on my blog."

Work is good. Very good actually. Over the last two years, Hubs and I got very good at not having much money. And in a way, I'm thankful things went the way they did, because we are now really good at actually having some extra coin. Except for a few items (such as that awesome pair of boots I got last week, an upgrade to the Netflix account, and no guilt after going out to dinner on a weeknight), we aren't spending the extra money. A chunk of it goes to savings and the other, larger chunk goes to debt. Assuming all goes to plan, the credit card and at least one car will paid off before Christmas - Feliz Navidad, indeed!

Thankfully, none of the economic woes have effected (or affected? CRAP, I can never remember that grammar rule) us yet. We do know the rug could be pulled out from under us at anytime really - I mean, how necessary is video production? I could easily lose my cash cow, especially when said cash cow is funded by state government. But we are being smart with what we have right now, so worrying about that possibility won't do anything but re-activate my ulcer.

In the last two months I have made more professional strides than I did in the last two years. I used to bemoan the fact that this market is devoid of opportunities, but now that my name is out there a bite more, I am realizing that it is just not over saturated with other people who can do the same job that I can. Plans are in the works to purchase my very own equipment in the spring so that I can work even more on this whole freelance thing. Woot!