So last Monday we took a little trip to Labor and Delivery, for what turned out to (thankfully) be nothing. For a while the possibilities of what ailed me went from appendicitis to kidney stone to "you are contracting every 3-5 minutes to "you are closed up tight as can be - it's just growing pains." The whole thing was never really scary or anything, but the after effect is that I have had to slow down considerably from what I was doing a mere two weeks ago. These "slow down" orders are more from the Hubs than from the doctor, but there might be something to it. I made a somewhat involved dinner last night that required quite a bit of time on my feet in the kitchen, and I was so knocked on my ass when I was done that I almost (only almost) opted out of eating my gourmet creation.

I mean, I am almost 33 weeks pregnant so this is not unexpected. I think the rapid deceleration of my activity level surprised me though. I am missing my workouts. Not so much that I actually miss the workout itself, but I am missing how I feel when I'm done and I think I have some more pronounced mood swings as a result. Le sigh. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (my first since last week's hospital visit), so she might be able to give me some guidelines to follow. OR she will probably tell me that is just part of the whole show and I'll just have to deal.

Of course that would be the perfect excuse for me to spend lots of time lounging at the pool.


30 weeks today. Most likely anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks (please be 8 weeks, please be 8 weeks) left to go. Still feeling really good. I have discovered that I actually need to get a workout in to keep up this whole feeling good thing. That, or I have to do absolutely nothing all day. If I just have a normal day, sans workout, I feel like ass by bedtime. BUT if I get 30-40 minutes on the elliptical in there somewhere, I feel okay. Also, if I get that workout in, I don't feel guilty when I have my daily milkshake. And I have my daily milkshake no matter what.

I decided to hop on the treadmill today, just for old times' sake today. I really didn't want to run (too much weight up front to jostle around), but I was a bit bored with elliptical. I had seen a "sure to burn away your fat butt" kind of routine in a Prevention Magazine that I picked up at the doctor's office a while back, so I kind of tried that out. Walk slow for a 5 minute warm up (I went at a 3.8 pace), then jack the elevation up to 15% (also called "as high as the machine will go"), take the speed down to 2.0 pace and do lunges for 2 minutes. Then take the elevation back down a bit, speed it back up and walk at a brisk pace for 3 minutes. Lather, rinse, repeat that routine a few more times. I thought it would be a pretty easy workout. Well I had the jelly legs when I got off the treadmill. I looked kind of like Simon Pegg's character from Run Fat Boy, Run after he does the spin class with Hank Azaria. I'm sorry I doubted you, treadmill. I won't make that mistake again.

We go to a childbirth class tomorrow. Some friends of ours went to this same class a few months ago and they assured us that it wasn't too boring, and that there were plenty of snacks and free stuff. We are really just excited that there is a Chick-Fil-A across the street and we will stop there for probably both breakfast and lunch. I may have two milkshakes tomorrow.