Heartrate above 5o for the first time in a while!

So I never did go for that run on Saturday. Or on Sunday. On Sunday my body decided to finally start acting pregnant and I slept. Oh how I slept. But on Monday I went to the cardio room. I was a bit rusty and ended up calling it just after two miles. I wanted to keep going, but I just had the lead legs bad. I finished up my workout with some leg lefts and planks.

Tuesday I made it back to my first kettlebells class in about three weeks. It was a short class but I did tons of swings and squats, and mostly with 35 pound weights. I did however drop down to the 18 pound (and even 12 pound) kettlebell for some of the arm stuff. I am trying very hard to find my "I'm pushing myself" vs. "I'm pushing my pregnant-self too much and need to lay off" place. I think I am figuring out my stopping points though.

I rested on Wednesday and hit the treadmill tonight for three miles. It was a good three miles. It took me 36 minutes and I had to drop it down to a walk for a bit around the 2 mile point, but it was good nonetheless. I really noticed my belly for the first time. I mean, I know it's there and all, I can tell that it has changed a bit, but as I was running I could feel it and tell more easily that there was something there. The rest of the time I can still suck in a bit - and I kind of have to do that, as I am being cheap and wearing any pre-pregancy clothes as long as possible. But while I run, it's out there (just a teeny teeny bit) and I can tell it's there. This may sound like all kinds of rambling, but I guess this might be the case for lots of women who witness thier bodies change like this for the first time.

I swear Ireland pics are coming up!


2nd Trimester

Well, thirteen weeks are done, approximately 27 more to go. I feel good. I never really lost any energy much in the first trimester (maybe I did but was too busy to notice?), so I don't have the 2nd tri energy burst that I keep reading about. I put on 3-4 pounds, which I am pleased with. I have no problems gaining weight, I was just afraid I would go crazy and pack on way too much early on.

I ordered two books tonight from Amazon. The first is the Runner's World Guide to Pregnancy and Running. I love the easy to remember and non-alarmist advice my doctor gave me of "If you feel weird, stop. Otherwise, do what you usually do," but I am thinking this will have some more specific stuff and some good alternatives for when running just isn't a comfortable option any longer. The other book is Maternal Fitness: Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy, an Easier Labor, and a Quick Recovery. I don't know if the exercises and techniques in it are baloney or not, but the customer reviews were pretty good and I'm sure it will be an interesting read if nothing else.

I have a date with the treadmill scheduled for tomorrow morning. It's been almost a full two weeks since I broke a sweat, so it could be all kinds of suck.

Oh, and I went to Ireland last week. I will post about that on Sunday hopefully. The nutshell version is that it was a freaking awesome trip.