Home again

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? Things are good, and still busy. We made a trek eastward last week to our old stomping grounds. After a nice stopover lunch with Gnumoon and her husband, it was on to Raleigh. I never really was a huge fan of being in a bigger city. But having spent the last two years in a considerably smaller city made the dislike of so many people (and so much traffic) that much for glaring.

We rolled into town right at 5:00, but thankfully the afternoon traffic was moving along at a decent pace. We both marveled at the number of new shopping centers and road widening projects. I also thanked the lord fervently that I don't have a commute anymore. I used to have about a 40 mile round trip daily, and now I have about 8 miles round trip and that's only a few days a week. It is really a nice area and I never disliked it, but where we are now is a much better fit for us. Although I am sure in 20 years the urban sprawl of Atlanta will have made it's way 120 miles north to us.

We tooled around town for several days. We visited with friends. We ate. We took in a pre-season hockey game (which we left at the 2nd intermission due to headache and home team getting worked). We ate some more. I spent about three hours (that's daily) at various shopping centers looking for a dress to wear to the Hub's reunion. At the 11th hour I finally settled on some very cute slacks. I will wear the pants again, and I really couldn't bring myself to drop very much money on a dress that I would mostly likely only wear this one time. I had hoped maybe I would be all fashion forward at this reunion, with my pants-instead-of-a-dress ensemble, but I really was not. I did miss the memo however that I should have worn dark-rinse jeans and a satin tank top. I'm guessing that is the new Saturday night out uniform.

The reunion was very nice. It was much better than I had expected it to be, honestly. I didn't know anyone there except for my husband, but I found plenty of people to talk too. Especially that boozy girl with no self-esteem that was sitting across from me. She was very, "Oh, you are Brian's wife. Let me have some more wine and tell you about why I am working for my dad and why my roommate kicked me out of her wedding last year. More wine?"

We hit the road bright and early Sunday AM. After a quick stop for lunch and dog retrival at my parents' house, we finished the last leg of the trip. I am glad to be home and more glad than ever that this is my home.

Oh, and I got in a few quality runs while I was in North Carolina. One of them was even with the Hubs! Our first run together EVER. I don't see it happening again soon, but it was fun.


The new season of Biggest Loser starts tonight - yay!

I hit the old standard Riverwalk route today. Four miles in 40 minutes. It's been quite some time since I have averaged a 10 minute mile. I even split a 9:45 for mile three, which included the big hill. Today was really the first day we have had that has felt a little bit like fall. The humidity was not noticeable at all, and the temp was around 75. Beautiful, if a bit windy. The river was white capping and the barge headed downstream was moving slower than I was.


Being Prepared

I did a P90X workout this morning. If you aren't familiars with it, just stay up until about 1 am, turn the TV to the Hallmark Chanel and wait for the infomercial to come on. Despite the poor production values of the infomercial, the workout kicked my ass for an hour and stairs may be quite difficult for the next few days.

The other day when I was making my new shoe purchase I notice the jogger's pepper spray behind the counter. For some reason I kept thinking about it and on a whim I decided to stop back by and pick up the nifty little potential lifesaver to add to my already massive key chain ensemble. I read the instructions carefully and I feel certain that I will be able to make use of the quick release thingy and the trigger should a situation ever present itself.

All evening I would catch sight of my super-safety key chain out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly it dawned on me that my new purchase looked slightly, well, um, adult. Yes, it looks like I am carrying around a small red vibrator attached on my key chain. Oh well, a girl has to do what a girl has to do.


Four miles down this morning and I feel awesome. Like rock star good. It was far more humid than I had anticipated but it wasn't so bad once I got in the groove. Took the dog with me. He is a good excuse for walk and water hose breaks. Total time was 43 minutes, including those walk and water hose breaks. Still loving the shoes, although one of my arches is a bit sore. I have taken to rolling each foot on a tennis ball for about 20 minutes each night, and that has helped.

This week has been beyond stressful here at the ol' FSBPS and today's run was one of those that runners go on and on (and on) about how it clears the mind and releases tension, etc. As the majority of my runs only bring me soreness and creative cursing, the whole clarity and inner peace was a nice change of pace.

I may try to head over and catch the Saturday version of kettlebells class tomorrow, but frankly I'm kind of scared of it. Saturdays are a bit more intense, and I know for a fact that once they went into the parking lot, harnessed up, and pulled some dude's F-150 across the parking lot. I may take my camera if I go - should I go all "world's strongest man" tomorrow, I want documentation.


Holy moses, it is humid out there. I hit the track yesterday morning to do some 800 intervals and in the process got in 2.75 miles in 24 minutes. I was quite pleased with the times. I also ran the stadium stands 6 times. Once again, the shoes seem to be working well. No run today, but kettlebells tonight.

We have had a healthy dose of drama here at the ol school over the last few days. Well, more like an unheathly dose, but lotsa drama nonetheless. That's about all the detail I can give though.

If there were anything else even remotely of note, I would write about it, I promise! Things are just quite dull right now (except for the aforementioned drama. Otherwise, dull).


New Ride

Check out the new kicks. Saucony Ride. I tried on a pair of Nikes, but I felt like I had two bricks laced to my feet. They really weren't all that heavy, but the lack of padding was very noticeable. Of course my previous pair of shoes, the ProGrid Triumph 4, is the most cushiony shoe on the market, so maybe that had something to do with it. I tried on a few other pairs of Sauconys, but I liked the Ride. The heel had a more snug fit, but the toe box has plenty of room.

I did a little side-by-side with the old shoes this afternoon and they look MASSIVE next to they new pair. Like a pillow with shoe laces and a piece of rubber attached to it. Looking at the tongue on the old shoe was like looking at some old yearbook photo that showcases massive, claw-like bangs. Huge! But they were great shoes and they served me well for the last year/400 miles. Sniff, sniff ...

I took the new purchase out for a spin this afternoon and I didn't notice them at all, which is a good sign. With the spiffy new shoes I did feel kind of like I was in a commercial or something for the first mile, but then the humidity got me and all glamour was gone. I got in 3 miles in about 33 minutes. Not great time, but I'm okay with it.

I am still considering the half marathon in April. I even have a goal for the race, although I dare not mention it right now.


I'm still going to extremes of very busy or very lazy, and I have to admit I am rather enjoying the cycle. I went to kettlebells last night and got my ass kicked. I somehow managed to run through the soreness today to log a whopping two miles. But I got some mileage in, so that is good enough for me for the moment.

On Monday I have a date with the not-as-snooty-as-he-used-to-be sales guy at the local running store. I have about 400 miles on my current pair and it is more that time to get a new pair. I am very excited about the purchase.

I know that I post often about how I am thinking of doing another marathon, half-marathon, wacky 10K race, etc. And I know that I most often do not post about it again, as the event drops off my radar completely and the fancy to commit to something passes. Well, I am thinking of doing the Country Music Half in April. I feel better about this one as 1)I have thought about it for five consecutive days, including today immediately post-run, and 2) I think I have found some suckers, er I mean friends to run it as well.

Football season kicks off here in 47 hours. Work is going to be pretty hectic between now and then, but I am excited about it. I am also very excited about sleeping in on Sunday after a hard day's night.


I have neglected the ol' blog the last few weeks. I'm sure all five of my loyal readers may have given up on me by now. I have been a busy, busy girl here, and in the time when I haven't been working, I have just been a lazy, lazy girl. Perhaps tonight I will dedicate some time to a decent post. Happy Tuesday everyone!