MWF looking for recipes involving leftover turkey

Our simple little Thanksgiving was all I had dreamed of and more. I got up and ran the Grateful Gobbler. There was an excellent turnout, and the run was nice and low key. No timing chips or race numbers. My very very unofficial time was 30:12 - I forgot to start my watch until the half way point, and there was no actual "ready, GO" start. We all just started shuffling together and then we were off. But the clock and the finish line said 30:12. And I'm not sure if it was 3 miler, or an actual 5K. I met up with a friend and we discussed the awesome-ness of the event's (long-sleeved!) shirts. It was a fun time, and I hope something that I can make a tradition.

I was home by 9:00 and spent the morning with the dog and the Hubs. Our empty campus at the moment means that we can go out for long walk with the dog, sans leash. So we did that and he very much enjoyed himself and wore himself out with a few dips in the river and "running like a puppy" episodes in a sand pit.

Our way-to-big-for-two-people feast was delicious. We ate about an hour after we had planned, because somehow the oven got turned off (maybe while I was making the potatoes on the stove top?) and for about 45 minutes we weren't "cooking" the casserole and dressing, so much as we were "letting them just sit in the warm oven." But we pinpointed the issue and lunch was ON!

We ate, we cleaned, we napped. We drove out to the BFE (that is in north Georgia, just on the other side of the TN/GA state line, in case you were wondering) to spend some time with friends. We watched baskeball. And football. We ate pie. Home and in bed by 10.

I want for little, and I know that I am blessed.*

*with thanks to Melanie over at Life is a Marathon for the one-liner. I saw it on her blog the other day, and it has stuck with me


My gratefully selfish Thanksgiving plans

Running and I did not meet up again over the weekend, but I spent 31 good minutes (3 miles) on the treadmill this morning. Overall I was quite pleased with my time and just how, well, easy it was. I have logged like 10 miles total in the last two months, so this morning's run should have been much harder on me. I credit any stamina I have to kettlebells, although I only do that once or sometimes twice a week.

The Hubs was running on the treadmill next to me. He goes his five days a week and does his twenty minute, 15 minute mile pace. I have been gently nagging him to up his pace and time, but he is not budging. I may have to start nagging not-so-gently.

We are spending our first real Thanksgiving together and I am quite happy about it. Every year we have been with one or both sets of parents and while we love our families, we are absolutely JACKED (yes, jacked) to have it be just the two of us this year. Holidays with families (read: my well-meaning mother) can be a bit on the stressful side. Sometimes I can embrace it. Not this year. Through interpretations of phrases like "Well, I guess we will tell your grandmother that you will see her at Christmas" and "I only had to get an 8 pound turkey this year," I am pretty sure that I am on mom's shit list.

In hopes of starting a tradition of our very own, I (we) am planning on doing a race T'giving morning. There are two in town. One of them is an 8k Turkey Trot - while I had a nice little 5k this morning, I don't think an 8k would go as well. There is also the Grateful Gobbler Walk. Yes, I know it says a walk, but we are going to go and run it anyway. It's a 5k, and very close to home, so I maybe will be able to drag Husband with me. And it benefits the homeless, thus allowing me to feel all smug as I eat my over-extravagant, probably kind of wasteful feast later in the day, arrogant in the knowledge that I helped the homeless with my $20 registration fee (well, more like $15 after the cost of my race (walk) shirt). Not very noble I know, but it's a starting point.


An Indescretion

I took the dog for a walk when I got home from work yesterday. It was cold, but I was bundled up right nicely. The leisurely stroll was going just great until I bumped into running. We made eye contact and each went on our merry way. I thought about running a bit and how I missed it, but that I was also enjoying my time alone, my time without running.

A few minutes later I saw running again, and before I knew it we were half a mile into a new relationship with each other. Running and I were getting along so well, we might as well have been teenagers making out at the back of the bus on the way to a school trip to the state capital.

It was a carefree time together. I didn't mind taking numerous breaks for the dog to roll around on dead leaves, and running didn't mind that I had to slow things down about after the first 2 miles.

Running and I have a tentative date for tomorrow morning.


I got up and voted today. I am not a big fan of politics, but I am a fan of democracy and I was unexpectedly giddy pre- and post- vote.

Work is still good. It is getting to be crazy busy, but I am very much enjoying it.

I haven't run, well, in quite some time. I keep telling myself that when work gets more settled I will hit the pavement again, but I know that I am just being excuse-y. The Hubs and I are spending Thanksgiving here at our home together for the first time. No in-laws or parents, no travel. We are very excited about this. But there is a Turkey Trot that Thursday morning that I may try, especially since it has a cool t-shirt with it. And turkey and stuffing sounds like a delish post-race meal.

Happy election day everyone!