Training ... continues.

A few bumps in the road since the last post. A week visiting family in North Carolina, a week with a very sick baby, a week on a big deadline for work, then the mack dadddy of them all, The Hubs falling and breaking the absolute shit out of his ankle (I think at last count there were a total of 3 broken bones down there).

I was actually out of town when it happened, but I've heard it was very gross, in a "hey, his foot is laying on the ground, pointing the wrong direction" kind of way. So he is on crutches for the next 4+ weeks (we are in the middle of week 3 of crutches right now. The doctors said a total of 8 weeks out of commision), and I am being superwoman. And really I shouldn't complain too much - work is very not busy and Megs is at daycare during the week. And she's sleeping like a rockstar, so I am as well. But it's just a bit on the stressful side.

I'll be writing more about the running stuff tomorrow hopefully. Until then, here's an updated picture of my girl. She's 9 months old and tiny. But moving right along!