Thank you, Doctor

Not only have I been given the green light to resume running, I have actually had it given to me in prescription form as a combatant to the lingering baby blues. I wonder if I can somehow apply my insurance/co-pay to that new pair of shoes I tried on the other day?


Things that are making me happy right now

1. My daughter has been napping in her crib for 40 whole minutes. I love this.

2. The other night when I took the dog out for I walk I accidentally ended up running about a half mile. I can't even explain how good it made me feel.

3. My doctor approved me to take a very small dosage of Ambien at night. It's safe to take while breastfeeding and it means that I will actually be able to sleep when the little one does.

4. The weather is starting to get a teeny bit cooler.

5. My post-partum follow-up appointment is on Monday morning. On Monday afternoon I will purchasing new running shoes. YAY!


28 days

Wow, we have survived the first four weeks. And I'll be one of those folks that says "OMG time has flown by, I can't believe it's been 4 weeks." Baby girl is doing well. She's only getting up two times a night, and she even gives me a nice 4-hour stretch of sleep during the first part of the night. According to the kitchen scale, she's up to 6 lbs, 15 oz. That's up 20 oz. from her birth weight - good job boobies! And now that she's grown a bit, she finally fits into all some of all those wicked cute baby clothes. Good for baby fashion, bad for my wallet!


Takin' what they're giving ...

... cause I'm workin' for a living.

As a freelancer/contract employee, I don't really technically get maternity leave. I'll get paid the same for the year no matter what. It's nice, but at the same time I don't want to completely leave my employers out to dry, especially at this uber-busy time of the year. So when boss man called me up 14 days post-partum and asked if I felt up to editing some stuff for the first football game, I said okay. In retrospect, I have a feeling I agreed more in an attempt to get some normalcy in my day. It was also a good justification for the purchasing of the MacDaddy computer last spring. This is why we got they computer - I can work at home. As my deadline was approaching and my baby cried all afternoon yesterday I was very much regretting my decision to take on anything other than my full dance card of diaper changing and boob-offering. But Hubs came in last night and took over baby girl and I got some work done. And it did exactly what I had hoped: I felt so normal. I enjoyed my work. I still had a bit to finish up this morning, and baby girl wanted to be held - like every parent in the history of the world has done, we figured it out.

We finished up, headed over to the stadium and did a little more work. In related news, I love our Baby Bjorn.