I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Alrights, as of this Saturday, I have seven weeks to get ready for the Moon Pie 10 Mile run. I think I have figured out a training schedule for this. I checked out the Smart Coach feature on Runner's World, and I am going to follow that mostly for the during-the-week workouts. I am going to try to do my Saturday long runs a bit differently than they suggest, mostly to incorporate a few minor races here and there, and to add a teeny bit more mileage.

I did find the very handy Training Calculator on RW (how have I missed this up to now?) and now I actually know what paces to shoot for on Tempo, Easy, Pace, Long runs, and the like. Good to know!

I got in an easy few miles yesterday, followed by some weights.


Weekend Wrap Up, Tuesday Style

Awesomely good weekend in Nashville. Congratulations to Adam for rockin' it out at 1:54 for the half.

I was only a little sad that I didn't do the half this year. We had a spot to cheer at Belmont Church, somewhere just after the eight mile point. Excellent music. I admit that for about the first five minutes after we got there, I was having trouble cheering for all the runners. I was really trying. I was clapping, sticking my hand out for the occasional high-five, but every time I tried to yell, "good job," "keep it up, " or something like that, nothing would come out. Because I was about to cry. And not just choked up either. More like on the verge of the water works. I was never so emotional when I was actually running a race. I guess it was seeing all the people running, and recognizing and remembering almost every emotion that they were going through. The gal who was sprinting by the guy who was happily jogging along past the other guy who had slowed to a walk while grasping at his side stitch. I was able to witness a perfect slice of the emotions of the whole thing (save for the finish) in one glance. I finally got over myself and found my voice. I think my hands got a little raw from clapping. It was a few hours very well spent.

Annoyingly enough, the cheering experience has not led to any amazing, Chariots-of-Fire-esque runs this week. It has however let to some amazing Oreo consumption. I should get a medal for it or something. I hope to hit the trail tomorrow morning and shake off the lazies though.


On the road

On the road, in Nashvegas for the weekend.  Not running the big race here tomorrow, but very excited for it nonetheless.  Good times with family as well.  Happy weekend everyone!


But Wait! There's More!

Since I started this running thing last January, it has been a goal of mine to try to keep my feets pretty. Luckily, my whopping 15 miles-per-week doesn't screw them up that bad. But one toenail did turn purple after the marathon. I have been waiting for it to fall off for four months now. But I re-did my nail polish the other day, there wasn't even any sign of my blackened toenail - just a normal piggie. I had been so hopeful, in a sick and twisted way. Then completely out of left field, my middle toenail on the other foot has started to pull away. I have it trimmed down and it is about 1/32nd of an inch wide, but it is still there. I think this one may only be a matter of time.

So while I still have all 10 toenails, I will keep them polished and as pretty as possible. But what about my dry, flaky heels? I'm glad you asked! At Walgreen's the other day I simply could not resist the impossible-to-open plastic packaging or the $9.95 price tag of the PedEgg. I have watched the commercial several times, I am have been intrigued. I came home, tore open the plastic packaging, and VOILA my feet were beautiful. Well, it may have been more involved than all of that, but it was really easy, and it worked very well. If you have seen the commercial, then you should already know of the grossness that is "emptying out the shavings." I gagged a little bit when I took the thing apart to see all of the little pieces of what I had sloughed off my feet. I was also a little impressed.

So if you have $10 to spare (and who doesn't these days, what with everything else being so cheap) and you want pretty feet, I highly recommend this little gadget. I'm going to go put some sandals on now.


Well Documented

I went for a run today. Four miles. Well, 4.19 miles. In an attempt to give myself something to look forward to, I tried out a new route. This one took me through the campus of UTC. I decided on this route because there is a really cool old cemetery and I wanted to check it out. It would be shady (literally, I mean. It's a very bright day here), and old graves are really interesting. But I went one block over too far and skirted the back edge of the Confederate Cemetery where there is a very tall, imposing fence. I almost backtracked, but I knew the meter at my car would be hitting zero soon enough.

I walked in the door and immediately wrote down my time, distance, pace, route, and misc. notes into my training log. Then I logged the mileage on an application that I added to my Facebook profile. Then, I plugged the Garmin into the computer to download all the exact same information into the Garmin Training Center program (gotta have those mile split times). Oh, and before the run, I mapped it out on Runstoppable. And now I am on Blogger to write all about it. The future generations are going to hate us. "You did stuff. WE GET IT."

I also wonder if my running is part of what is killing the planet. I drove to a park to start my run. I do way more laundry and for clothes that I have worn for maybe an hour at a time, I drink about 80 bazillion ounces of water a day, and I've taken two showers in a 9 hour span.


Rubbin' is Racin'

Saturday I was in a Dragon Boat race and it looked absolutely nothing like the picture above. For one, we were in the back. The way back. And the combined weight of our team (20 members) was approximately 3,600 pounds, whereas the approximate weight of a real professional Dragon Boat team is about 36 pounds. But it was still a good way to spend a sunshiney Saturday. And we had way more fun than those smug "winners" and other boats that didn't finish in "dead last place." I wish I could say that it was a good workout, but the actual race time (we did two races) was about 3 minutes total.

I got 5 miles in on Friday. 51 minutes. No speed records, but it was nice to have that kind of distance again. Second longest run in four months. I was very fired up about some things here in boarding school land so the run was a great reminder for me as to just how therapeutic getting out there can really be. I'm a fairly laid back person. If I had the personality to get fired up more often, would I be a be logging like 40 miles per week? Maybe I need to go into more things with a bad attitude and see if I, in turn, have to go run more to blow off steam. I can't imagine this would be a well-supported training philosophy by people who know about this kind of thing. Nor would it be much fun for my husband.



So I just did a real hill workout. Maybe this Bear thing isn't such a good idea.

(okay, that was hard and I feel like crap now. But I also feel freakin' awesome at the same time.)


Bear of an idea

I am really thinking I might try The Bear this summer. For anyone not in the know about The Bear, it is a five mile race. A five mile race that goes from the bottom of a mountain to the top of one. An elevation change of 1541 feet over the course of five miles. If you have seen Forrest Gump, you have seen part of the course. Specifically the hairpin turn right before the finish of the race. The event starts at 7 pm, and the really cool part is that it helps kick off the Annual Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. According to the events schedule for the day, the next event is "more sheep herding." Later in the evening is the Torchlight Ceremony - I don't know exactly what that is, but it sounds very cool. Being of some Scottish descent (Fine. Acutally, I'm very Anglo-mutt. But I know there is some Scots in there somewhere), I am pretty jacked about this. This seems very "Stuff White People Like".

But I digress. The time limit on the race is 90 minutes. On a good day, my five mile time would be around 50 minutes. But that is also on relatively flat ground. The event has a sag van to pick up folks who haven't made it to the three mile station by the 50 minute point. SURELY 1500 feet won't slow me down that much.

I mapped out a route up a mountain just down the road from me, and it was about a 1000 ft. climb, and about 3.6 miles long. There's not much of a shoulder to run on, so I don't really know where or how to train for this. But I am still very much considering it. Look at the view from the finish line. How cool would it be to see that at the end of a run?

And in case any of my faithful readers are completely out of their minds, two days later is the Grandfather Mountain Marathon, "One of America's Toughest Marathons." The last part of the race is (13 miles) is virtually uphill - the link goes to the profile map. YOWZA.



I have changed quite a bit in the last 16 months or so. Probably not obvious to anyone but myself. Part of that change may be due to circumstances. The other part, is from the running. I never hit the wall, but I still feel the pride of finishing. I should have finished faster. But I am still proud of it. The change in myself. I didn't know it at the time or even a week post-race. As I go about my daily life, I discover the significance of the race to me. The time since I crossed the finish line has taught me as much as the four months prior. Did I discover running, or just myself during all those miles?

A million people do it each year. Does it mean as much to them?


The springy spring-ness here yesterday set me to check summer stuff going in my neck of the woods. The local minor league baseball team, movies in the park, outdoorsy stuff, and of course, Riverbend. I was very excited to discover that The Black Crowes will be performing one night early in the festival! Yay. And it's only $28 for all eight days. I am sure I can find some other shows to go check out at the event. The Ohio Players and T-Broussard & the Zydeco Steppers. Admittedly, my knowledge of Zydeco goes only as far as the 30-second tourism commercials for New Orleans have taken me. But I still think it would be a good time. And ZZ Top will be here too. Hell si.


Conversation Pace

Went for a run this morning with my neighbor. It was a very slow run, easy for conversation. I was pleasantly surprise to map it out and find out that we did close to four miles. I took no watch or Garmin, so I have no idea what our pace was. So conversation pace.

Spring is springing, which can only mean one thing. Okay, it could mean any number of things, but in my current world, that means it is prom season. Our dorm is buzzing with upcoming prom news. "OMG (they actually say O.M.G.), who are you going with, where are you getting your hair done, can we fit one more person in the stretch limo/Hummer?" I happened upon the receipt of the dress of one girl, and it was (including alterations) $1071. Yeah, you read that correctly. ONE THOUSAND & SEVENTY-ONE DOLLARS. I have yet to see this dress made of platinum and unicorn hair, but for that price it should be a sight to behold. We did it up right back in the day, but we did it much cheaper. And we went to post-prom parties in fields and some old barn. Ahh good times.

I hope to get myself up tomorrow morning for another run. Today was the first one in eight days, so I don't want to mess up the cosmos in going for two in a row.


Chocolate and Cash

Still not much going on around here. Rain. More rain. But I guess we need it, so I shouldn't complain. Ooh, check out that rhyme!

I actually have been doing a bit of a nutrition experiment. I'm trying to drop my sugar intake. I have been doing quite a bit of reading on the matter, and I am wondering if it is one of the factors that might be giving me sleep problems. Oh, and it is giving me a little buddah belly as well. I always thought that the being addicted to sugar stuff was baloney, but now I am kind of thinking it might be true. I had really bad headaches on Monday and Tuesday. Five days into the experiment, my sugar cravings had dropped to record lows.

I gave myself some daily goals - one fruit and one veggie per day, try to cut down on processed foods, check labels for amounts of sugar, etc. If I do all that, I get one treat a day. The fancy grocery store had fancy dark chocolate on sale - .50 for a one ounce bar. I stocked up, and that is my treat at the end of the day. I guess I really need structure.

And it is looking like a freelance job is going to come through and for the money I was hoping for. I wouldn't start it until July, but that is okay. I know money doesn't buy happiness, but the prospect of having it damn sure puts me in a better mood.


If I were one for foolin', I would announce on the blog that I was pregnant or something. But I am not one for foolin', and I am not pregnant either. I could call up my mother and April Fool her with that one, but she might not take the joke so well.

Gnumoon did her April Fools up right. Read about if you have a chance - it's good stuff.

Not much to report on here, so I'm going to spend some quality time with my porch and some beer.