A glimmer of a habit

Two runs in three days - a new post-pregnancy record for me!

Yesterday's run was fo' sho' the most I have pushed myself since baby girl was born. I enjoyed it. I have missed the mind games - the "just make it to that stop sign, then you can rest." Best part of that was that a few times I was able to make it to the stop sign and keep going. There was plenty of walking. But way more running that walking this time out.

A big congratulations to Laurel over at Brand New Life as a Runner on the birth of her baby girl. I have thought of her often in the last week. I hope her early days of motherhood are going well and she is seeing the sunshine through it all (I was not a fan of the early days of motherhood. Oh wait, have I not mentioned that in like every post since Megan was born?).

I am proud to report that after many, many years of planning-but-not-doing, gnumoon and I have finally booked our first ever joint family vacation. We are very excited about it and I am hoping we can make it an annual event. Let's see how we are feeling after a week at the beach with a 10-month-old and three-year-old!