A Very Good Place to Start

It's like riding a bike. But figuratively. I hit the pavement yesterday REALLY for the first time since bebe girl came along. I had done a few runs right after I got the okay from the D-O-C, but I was not in the best place and running was the last thing I wanted to be doing.

Fast-forward to now and I am in a mucho better place. I actually like my child for one. It just took me a while to get past the "what is the return policy on this item" with her. Maybe it's the sleep that we all get now, or the fact that her little personality is coming out, but I'm finding out that she's actually quite awesome.

But this post isn't meant to be totally about bebe girl. It's about teaching my body to do this running thing again. My last significant run was probably in May, when I was about 25 weeks pregnant. My body told me it was time to stop, and I did. But yesterday was time to get back out and it was like being a brand-new runner all over again. I picked a rough day outside - 30 degrees, breezy. And even more breezy when the route is alongside a somewhat major river. But I bundled up according to what Runner's World said I should wear for such conditions, stopped and purchased a pair of gloves on my way, and hit the trail. The fist six minutes or so were pretty solid. Then I had to throw in some walk breaks. But the final tally on the run was 30 minutes. 30 minutes back to myself.

Here's to 30 more minutes tomorrow. And maybe a few blog updates as well!