Day 18

We may have some colic. Or perhaps our baby turned into a howler monkey between 6 pm and midnight last night. I also discovered that the combination of laying her on my shoulder while I sob (not so) quietly will put Megan to sleep in about 5 minutes. Either way, she hasn't started up yet tonight, but we are still bracing a repeat performance. Once she calmed down last night though, we had some pretty good stretches of sleep and it was the pain of my overly full breast ready to explode that woke me up at 9 this morning, not my child who was peacefully headed into her fourth consecutive hour of sleep.

Per my husbands orders, I left the house today and got my brows waxed. That always helps me feel like a new woman and today was no different. Post-dinner I took the dog out for a long long walk. That combo makes me feel ready for tonight. Ask me again how I feel at 1:30 and I may have a different answer.


The Moby in action

So a few weeks ago I practiced using my Moby Wrap with my 25 year old stuffed Wicket the Ewok. It is much more satisfying using your very own baby!

notice the awesome framing job of the PhotoBooth photo, which cuts off my eyes and my sweet under-eye circles. Pro-fessional!


Megan Hamil is here!

Okay, so about 24 hours after that last post I was admitted to the hospital, getting ready to birth a baby. The whole process was actually a great experience, and I am quite thankful to have had the good time that we did. And in all honesty, I felt worse after I ran the half marathon than I did after I gave birth. I will say that drugs do help though.

Our great experience in the hospital kind of makes up for how shitty things can be at home with an 11-day-old baby that you have no idea what to do with. But seriously though, our little girl is great and we love her to death.

The temp was down today and the humidity was low so we all ventured out for a walk today. Loved being outside again, and depending on the night we have tonight, we are shooting for a longer walk tomorrow morning.

Here's our girl (sleeping in a laundry basket)!
and now for her close-up!


Well, my fears of birthin' while the hubs was out of town never came to fruition. Due date is rapidly approaching and baby is still snug on the inside. I am making a real effort to not get too complain-y until my actual due date. And aside from what adds up to about 2 total hours per day, I still feel pretty good.