On Monday, I ran OUTSIDE. This was big for me. I think it was my first outside run in a good 6 weeks. 2.5 miles, 25:45. The run was a nice reminder that it is time for new shoes. I am getting blisters in new, exciting places on my feet and I now have right around 400 miles on this pair.

School has started and I will happily go on record saying that I think they have WAY TOO MUCH homework. They had too much for the first half-day at least. We had several meltdowns in the dorm on Monday night, but I think they are sort-of, kind-of adjusting a bit.

I actually have a somewhat interesting post in the works, but this is all I have in the tank this morning. Maybe more after I have my coffee...


Thirteen days until game day

This video would get me fired up even if I didn't love the Mountaineer Football.

(and that's a 5:00 kick (8/30) on ESPN for anyone who might be interested)


I ran today! For two whole miles! On the treadmill! And I felt fine the whole time!

I was quite tired at the end of the two miles, but I am still pretty thrilled about it.

There is a nice 5k next Saturday nearby and I may try to do it. I actually finished FIRST in my age group in the same race last year. There were only three people in my age group, and I think the other two were walkers, but I still won a prize. I didn't stick around to pick up the prize, but I was still a winner. I did age up this year, so maybe I can be the young sprout that shakes up the 30-34 grouping this year.


Back in session

I was really excited that some of the boarders were returning to campus yesterday. I saw a few of my favorites and enjoyed the "what I did on my summer vacation" conversations that we had. I was jolted back to the un-fun part of being a dorm mom when I had to take one of the girls to the Wal-Mart. We make many trips to the Wally World during the school year so this is nothing new. But I forgot that every college Freshman in the region (in addition to the 50 or so returning students we had) was moving into their dorm yesterday as well. So it was a nice two hour ordeal. Seriously, this should be one of the days the management thinks "Hey, maybe we should have more than two of our registers going. Fire up lanes 24-39." The student that I took there is only 17, has been traveling (sans any parents) since Tuesday to get here from Thailand, and had been using her shirts as towels since she couldn't pack any from home. That perspective makes it a bit easier to handle.

Our little dorm is coming back to life and I am ready for the year to get going. If the last two days are any indicator, I am going to be hella-busy this year. But I have been decidedly UN-busy for oh, the past two years, so I am more than ready for it.

I went back to my kettlebells class last night and the effects of my sedentary vacation were quite noticeable. Apparently the "ham slice to mouth" exercise does not keep ones fitness at an acceptable level. Towards the end of the class I was about to go into back spasms, so I dropped my head in shame and snuck out the back door.

OH and if you happen to get an email that says something like "Check out this nasty accident from the Olympic weight lifting competition" don't watch it. I repeat DO NOT WATCH IT. Unless you have guts of steel and are not grossed out by the sight of some dude's elbow hyper extending 90 degrees in the wrong direction. Blarg.


Vacation is done, and we are back to the real world. I still haven't decided on Disney, which pretty much means I know that I probably won't do it, but I am just delaying actually saying it. But I did sign up for a 5k at the end of September, so that's something at least.

Off to staff meetings...


What to do?

The first day of school is two weeks from Tuesday (Hubs birthday is also that day). So we will be getting our summer vacation in finally this week. On Tuesday we head to the Branson/Reno/Vegas/Atlantic City of the Southeast, that monument to tourism and airbrushed license plates and t-shirts, Gatlinburg. I grew up about an hour from there, so while this will be my eleventy-billionth visit, it will be a first for the Hubs. We have a few days of shopping, eating, and funning planned, topped of with a visit to Dollywood and the neighboring Dollywood Splash Country. Hell si.

From there we will head further east to spend a few days at the lake with the family. It is always a fun, relaxing time, and this year should be no different.

While I was at the lake last year, I made a visit to the internet cafe and registered for the Disney Marathon. This year's marathon is only 75% full right now, and I have been entertaining thoughts of trying it again. I pulled out some of my running books, re-read my training journal and my race report, and I am still on the fence. I would begin training on September 1, if I decide to go through with it again. Decisions, decisions...