As far as training goes, today was a rest day for me.

I spent a glorious hour in the library this afternoon with several travel books to place I'll never go, but it was nice to visit on paper, so to speak.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Holy smokes – I’m on fire. TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS of running in the morning! And I shattered yesterdays rising time of 7:45 by getting up at 7:36! Where’s my medal?

In all seriousness, today was a good run (32 minutes), again with the dog. The dog slept for four solid hours yesterday afternoon as a result of our little jog, so I am hoping for a repeat performance from him today.

Yesterday I told my parents of my marathon plans. They were completely unaffected by the news. I wasn’t expecting a parade or anything, but a little more than “Really? A whole marathon?” would have been nice. They didn’t make the short drive to the half-marathon, opting instead to go to some random wedding, so I really want them to be there for this event. I think my mother is secretly chomping at the bit to get some grandchildren, and this obviously puts that off for a few more months. But she was slightly excited though, as she has never been to Disney, and the marathon is the perfect excuse to make my frugal father take her there. Conversely, my frugal father realized that he would have to go to Disney (and pay $7 for a Coke) to witness his youngest child compete in a marathon. They are the best parents in the world and they have always been super supportive of me, so their reaction (or lack thereof) threw me for a little loop. But the joke is on them, because I’ll just barf and/or pass out on them at the finish line – I’ll bet they react to that HAHA!


Morning Has Broken

I actually got my lazy butt out of bed before 8 this morning! That is the thing about free-lancing/working from home: I love it, but at the same time, I feel uber lazy when I stay in bed past 8:03 (which happens more often then not). So I got myself up at the butt-crack of 7:45!!!

I am doing a 20-week training program for my upcoming marathon, and I don’t officially start that until September 2nd. So for the rest of the summer I am just going to work on things like becoming a morning runner, running more than two times a week, getting up before 8:03, etc…

I have enjoyed the post-half marathon slacking period, but it’s time to pony up and get back to it. One reason for needing to run more consistently is that during my half marathon training I became very familiar and comfortable with eating pretty much whatever I wanted and not putting on any weight. Well, my post-half marathon running may have slacked off, but my half marathon training eating habits have not. So I run.

This morning was a respectable-enough run. Not too hot, and I love that I got it out of the way. Maybe I will really start to dig the morning running thing. I hope so. My husband is employed by a Fancy-Schmancy Boarding and Prep School. Said school (which shall be referred to as FSBPS from now on) has a six hundred acre campus, with lots of places to run. I love running there. For one, I can leave my keys in my car. And I feel quite safe there.

Back to this morning – 27 minutes of running (probably just under 3 miles), with my dog (that's him, just to the left) in tow. Our former veterinarian put the fear of God into me about dogs overheating, so I am still a little unsure about him going out with me; He is still a new runner, so I don’t want to do too much, too soon. But there is a place on our running route where he can stop and take a swim/drink in the river to cool off. I am just being an over protective dog momma!


Elliptical kind of day

Four posts in, and I already might be posting the most boring post ever! I'm never going to keep an audience this way. So if I include this picture, maybe it will at least look more interesting.

I slept in this morning, and by the time I was ready to go out for a run, I realized it was hotter than blue blazes. So I went to the gym to get on the treadmill instead. For some reason I was drawn to the elliptical machine. I've seen the rows of elliptical trainers, always filled with girls who wear expensive, color-coordinated workout clothes. But today all of the machines were empty and I knew I just wasn't feeling like running.

I started out and was shocked at how easy it was! (Do I sound like an infomercial? I think I do). I kept upping my speed, and before I knew it, I had gone two miles. So I decided to finish up four miles. I knew it was a workout, as I was sweating like crazy. My heart rate was up, and I burned around 400ish calories. But I still didn't feel like I had gotten much of a workout. Maybe I'm used to being totally bushed at the end of a run, but I felt kind of "eh" after my time on the elliptical. On the flip-side, my knee felt awesome after I was done - so the elliptical does get a point for that.

After an exhaustive evening of research on the subject I found out that no one could tell me if I got a good workout, but they could tell me that I needed to buy (and SOON) either a treadmill or an elliptical.

So I may try it out again on a cross-train day, but I am looking forward to a good run tomorrow.


With Friends Like These...

A synonym for friend is ally. Definable as a person who associates or cooperates with another - a supporter. BUT, when you change up the spelling and add a pharma-spin to it, it becomes Alli, the new FDA approved, over-the-counter weight loss drug. It is basically a half dose of the prescription drug Xenical. What was once available only with a doctor's prescription and only for the morbidly obese, is now available at Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, et al, for the the bargain price of $59.99 (MSRP).

But do your research and bring some extra cash, because to safely use this product, you really need to purchase a few extras. Like some Depends Adult Undergarments. Apparently, if you go over the recommend allowance of 15 grams of fat per meal, you might crap yourself. It might just be some "orange oily discharge," or it might a full-blown toxic incident. Either way, I would imagine you will ruin a pair of pants. And the chair you are sitting in. And the day of any person within a 5 foot radius.

The best part it is the message board on the Alli website, where people discuss their "treatment effects." Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

I went out to eat Japanese stir fry and had my first "accident" - (shall we call it "Alli-opps" now?) before I could get home. I had uncontrollable oily seepage...

You cannot get it out of your clothes so I would encourge you to use a panty liner until you find out how you react to the medication. If you are sitting down, whatever you are sitting on will be stained. . so be careful.

Has anyone noticed an odor? I swear I have a weird odor to me now.

but i guess i had some effects while passing gas and let me tell you...i didn't even know it happend till i took my pants off at the end of the day....

There are so many more, but that really sums it up. What did really disturb me was that I came across a poster who mentioned that she had dropped 4.5 pounds already! Way to go, right?? Well, she started out at 131, and now she's down to 127. Wouldn't she have to be about 2 feet tall for that to be overweight enough to consider this product.

It's complete aversion therapy. I would rather pay some (handsome) guy to punch me in the face every time I went over 15 grams of fat in a meal before I would pay to crap my pants.

I will say that I was actually hesitant to post this. I know that some people have legitimate weight problems and that they really do need medical help in weight loss. I would be a hypocrite if I ridiculed people for getting outside help (card-carrying member of Weight Watchers, four years strong). But it just seem that there is a better way than paying for orange oily discharge.


Crazy little thing called Like

It's a strange relationship that I have with the running. I don't hate it. I don't dislike it. I do enjoy it most of the time, and I even have rare moments where I think things like "I am so excited for this 6 mile run." But I can't say that I love it.

I do love it I guess when I am done running. That is my favorite part of the run - the part at the end, where I walk around with my hands on my hips, letting my breathing return to normal, letting the sweat drip off my face, thinking (wishfully?) that the people who are looking at me might be wondering how much I just ran (haha - the joke is on them, because I look the same after two miles as I do after five). I guess it's the feeling of accomplishment that I take with me as I stand there, again - hands on hips, letting my body an mind return to the state it is in for the majority of my days and nights. Or then again, maybe it the feeling of knowing that I am DONE for the day, and don't have to run again for 23 more hours.

So I don't love it, but I guess I love how it makes me feel. I'm sure I've had boyfriends like that. Ones that payed far too much attention to me, bought me dinner and treated me to fine dates, all for minimal attention from me in return. Is this relationship with running like a relationship with an endearingly sweet boyfriend who you sometimes feel bad for taking advantage of, but you forget your guilt as soon as he compliments you on something silly for the second time in a few minutes? (whoa, check out that run-on sentence)

Then again, I was never upset when those same endearingly sweet boyfriends wised up and let me go. My hip has been a little achy, and I am terrified that if I go to the doctor he will tell me that I can't run anymore. Maybe I have more feelings towards running than I thought I did.


Well hello there...

As with the rest of my generation, I decided to enter the blog-o-sphere.

There's really not all that much significance to the title. I will be turning the big 3-0 in March '08, so my blog's title will really only be relevant for about nine more months. As far growing up is concerned, I'm not necessarily worried about what I have or have not done in my time on this earth, but it seems 2008 could be a big year in my life. Or I am hoping so at least.

I have made the (possibly stupid) decision to run a marathon in January '08. Everyone is asking me why, so I am telling them that I want to do it before I turn 30. Truth is, I just want to do it at some point. But since I need a reason to run a marathon, this upcoming milestone birthday seems excuse enough. So the marathon/running/training factor will be an oft-discussed topic here.