Oh hello there

Oh yes. I only like to blog every six months or so apparently.

Quick facts: Hubs leg is all healed up. It still gets a bit swollen at the end of the day, but he has resumed pre-broken-leg habits such as "sitting on the couch" with gusto. Baby girl is great. She is tiny still (13+ months and about 18 pounds) but healthy and happy and the best sleeper ever (I'm sure I just jinxed it). We've moved into a new and improved apartment. It's just across the hall from the old one, but it's mucho bigger and we love the space. Work is worktastic. Still being a video editor for a college athletic department and dorm mom at fancy schmancy prep school. Not much is even slightly bad these days.

And back in July I managed that big 5 mile up-mountain race. Finish time of 1:04:33. Not very fast, but I'm pretty freakin' proud of it nonetheless.

More to follow soon. I made it through year one of motherhood and I feel ready to devote something major to myself. What goal to choose ... ?