I am fast (and also a nerd).

Last night my running buddy Becky called to see if I wanted to run this morning. At 6:15. I can't say that I really wanted to run at 6:15, but I needed to do it. And I knew I would be glad to get it over with.

It is amazing how much easier it is to get up and run at that hour when you are meeting someone. I would have never gotten up today at 5:45 to just go run by myself.

It was a good run - I did have to walk once, but only for about 1 minute. I was shocked (SHOCKED) when I came home to map the route out and calculate our pace - 3.75 miles, 9:15 pace!! That's almost a full minute faster than I usually run. No wonder I had to stop and walk for that minute. I am of course doubting that my watch was correct, so I may double check with Becky and see if she had the same time.

Packing up the apartment is going well. We make the move a week from today, so we still have some time. I was going through a box that I haven't unpacked since college and I found my bottle collection (NERD ALERT!!). I forgot how cool it was (NERD ALERT!!). Most of the bottles are quite generic, but I did fine two really cool miniature Benedictine bottles - like in that picture, but small. I think one of the two is actually a bit older, based on some of the features. It's kind of fun to think that I might have a bottle worth $8 whole dollars. Once the move is done and we are all settled, I may have to start collecting again.

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Laurel said...

I love running with different people and seeing how my runs end up.

My favorite is running with a friend from work on Thursday nights after work. We gossip so much the whole time about the work week that the run flies by and our times are pretty decent too.