A New Route

I did my first "vacation" run today. This is really more of just a quick out-of-town trip than a vacation, but I'll call what I did a vacation run anyway.

We are staying in a nice hotel, in a nice part of town, but I wanted to have a route to run anyway. After some good ol' google/mapmyrun.com/favoriterun.com research, I found a nice little 3 mile jaunt that would be easy to remember, and would start and finish right at my hotel lobby. I got dressed and sunscreened. I had my driver's license, room key, and piece of paper with my name and the hub's cell number. If something every happens to me on a run, I want to make the job of identifying me easier for whoever finds me - macabre, I know. ANYWAY, the run itself was quite uneventful - extremely humid, but that was no real surprise.

Marginally of note: I was wearing a favorite pair of running shorts today. I wore this pair for both of my races (about a mile of my run today was actually part of the half-marathon route). The only bad thing about these shorts is that the little liner panty things always ride up, so I am constantly picking a wedgie. (This ride-up thing usually stops after a few miles, but I didn't run far enough today to get to that point.) During the half marathon I really didn't care if people saw me dig my shorts out of my crack, but today I was very aware of the show that the traffic behind me was getting.


Laurel said...

Uuugghh...good running shorts are so hard to find! I hear you on the wedgie issue, sister.

Runner Gal Leana said...

Way to go for running on vacation! I hate it when shorts ride up. I wholeheartedly endorse running skirts - a good one helps to eliminate that!