This should be a fun weekend not.

My husband finally doesn't have to work a weekend (YAY). We are moving in 10 days and we have to pack all weekend (BOO).

This will mark my seventh move in seven years. I am very good at this moving thing by now. My dad is going to come help us with the move (again). Dad and I have done the moving thing so many times that we really could open a moving service. "Arthritic 67-year-old man + 29-year-old woman + a roll of shrink wrap = a well-oiled moving machine!"

When we moved to our current apartment back in September, we knew we would be moving to a new place in less than a year, so we left quite a few boxes packed up in storage. So at least we don't have as much to pack up as we did last year. I guess the good thing about moving so much is that we have gotten rid of quite a bit of stuff each time. Goodwill must love us!

We are actually quite excited about this move. We will be living in a faculty apartment at the FSBPS**, and I will be a dorm mom (to 45 teenage girls - ACK!). We are good friends with the family who is in the apartment next to us, and it is free. FREE. That free part was pretty much the main reason we decided to make this move. And our dog gets (in a round about kind of way) a 600 acre lawn/campus.

There was talk of going white-water rafting tomorrow, but that might be out the window if we don't get enough packing done. And honestly we would probably be smarter to save the 50 bucks for something else.

Have a good weekend everyone!

**FSBPS = Fancy-schmancy Boarding/Prep School


Laurel said...

Thats awesome! We were trying to get into the dorms here at the University of Miami for the same sort of thing, but there is a huge waiting list :(

Good luck on your move!

Runner Gal Leana said...

Good luck with your move! I have moved five times in the last six years, with my last move being in November. I still have unpacked boxes in the garage... I feel your pain - I hate packing!

Jennifer said...

I didn't realize you were moving - the new place looks like it is in a fun location. I hope the doggie likes it :)

Leah said...

OMG I didn't realize how dirty the comment about the old man + woman + shrink-wrap comment looked! I'm totally skeeved out now - HA!