Saturday 5k

I ran around part of that reservoir this morning. Had I done the 10k, I would have run around the whole thing. But I was on the rim of the reservoir for about 2 miles.

I made the Hubs get up at 5:45 this morning so that we could leave at 6:00 to head to the race site. It was crazy-hot when we walked out the door, and I immediately regretted my decision to run a 5K. But Hubs would have killed me if I told him that I had made him get up for nothing. And the dog was going with us, so he was super excited by this point. He would have never calmed down if we just tried to go back to bed.

The drive was much shorter than I thought it would be, so we were at the race site and I was registered by 6:40. But there was plenty going on to keep the dog occupied, so time passed quickly.

Small race, maybe 150 people. The first mile was NOT good. But once I got up the hill and onto the rim of the reservoir (read: flat), it was all good. There was this eight year old girl that was in front of me that I could never catch up with. I'm not very fast. She put more distance between us when I walked a few steps at the water station. Then she finally ran out of steam and I was gaining on her! She was walking, and I was going to pass her! I totally think she (eight years old, don't forget that part) was messing with me, because she just started back up and left me in the dust. It was kind of amusing though.

My finish time was 30:23. I am mad that I didn't realize how close I was to that time, or I would have pushed to try to get under 30:00. I wore my watch, I just didn't use it. Smooth.


Laurel said...

Your time is pretty good for not being "fast". And it looks like a beautiful course.

Don't you hate it when the young kids kick your butt in the race? The only thing worse is when it's like a 95 year old lady. :)

KdoubleA said...

I was at Raccoon Mtn. as well. I ran the 10K, I thought the course was pretty cool. The shirt, on the other hand, was not cool at all.

Congrats on the time!

Leah said...

I don't put much into race shirts, but I was especially unimpressed with the one they gave us. I won't even be able to pawn it off on my dad.

KdoubleA said...

The prize was a disc shaped stone looking paperweight type of thing. It's OK, as far as race prizes go.

If you're between 25-29, my wife was the other girl in that age group. She took 2nd (out of 2).