Suck it, Herbstreit.


adamhillrocks said...

WOW>off the chain!!!

Anonymous said...
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Leah said...

Phoenix John - I appreciate your suggestions. But looking back on your comment, it looks quite like Spam. If it isn't:

I will be off the treadmill in plenty of time. I would rather get the run in on the treadmill as opposed to run in the %90 humidity/105 heat index that we have had for the last month. Things are cooling down, and I will be outside, on the trails, hills, and track soon enough.

And I enjoy the small races I have on schedule. It is a good motivator for me. I have a very complete training schedule and many seasoned marathoners to look to for advice just a phone call away. Thanks again though.

And I have no doubt that it can be painful - I certainly wasn't fresh as a daisy at the end of my half-marathon.