Back to the Business at Hand

Okay, since I've introduced the cat and posted my poorly thought out Blog Action Day post, it's time to get back to the running stuff. I didn't run on Saturday. Or Sunday. But I did get 4.5 miles in on Monday, and it was all good. Yesterday was a rest day (because I'm so lacking in those lately), and then I will be getting in 5 this afternoon.

I have decided that the change in scenery on my last two non-treadmill runs was good for me, so I have am going to try out a new route each time I run this week. I found 77 listed routes on mapmyrun.com for this area, and the majority of those are in the 4-7 mile range.

And I discovered that a good re-motivator for marathon training is to make your hotel reservations, AND reservations for your parents. A big thanks goes out to my sister-in-law for getting us a nice discount at one of the Disney Resorts :)


Taryn said...

I've recently gotten off the treadmill and back out on the roads... new paths each chance I get... it's done wonders for my enthusiasm about training! Can't wait for you to explore some of your trails (77+?! wow!).

Laurel said...

Nice! What resort are you staying at?

Leah said...

We are at one of the Port Orleans resorts, I'm not sure which one. We had the option to stay at the Animal Kingdom lodge, but we opted to stay a night longer and the cheaper place.