Weekend Wrap-up

Busy, busy weekend.

A very good friend got married here in town yesterday, so the weekend was filled with wedding hoopla, in addition to the usual Saturday of working at a football game for 8 hours. I had to miss the rehearsal dinner (boo).

The wedding was as loverly as they come. The location, weather, flowers, food, and bride were all prefect. And us bridesmaids looked pretty good too.

My parents came to town, and my mother is in one of her high-maintenance cycles. I don't know what I was (or was not) doing, but apparently I was insensitive and hurt her feelings in the process. Maybe it is adulthood, but the motherly guilt thing really has lost its magic. All it does is piss me off more.

I did get to spend a fair amount of time with Pookie, my best friend's sorta-new baby (15 weeks). I haven't gotten to spend any time with her to speak of, so I finally feel kind of like an aunt after this weekend. We also got to spend time with the BFF and her husband. It's getting so much harder to get together anymore, so time like that was at a premium. A good, immature time was had by all.

And I ran 6 miles on Saturday morning. I learned that the bathrooms at the baseball stadium on campus are NOT locked. VERY good to know. This might have been a far different (and gross) post had those doors been locked.

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aerorunnergirl said...

My BFF has a sorta new baby, too! I can't wait to meet her (finally) in a couple of weeks.

And I know what you mean about mothers. My parents came to visit about a month ago, and while I loved spending time with them, after a few days my mom and I have trouble being in the same room. :) Bless her.