Evily Deliciousness

Because my husband has a job that requires him to spend time with little kids, every year he is exposed to the evil that is Girl Scout Cookie Time. Knowing that his wife has a redonkulous sweet tooth, he buys cookies every year. This year, he bought eight boxes, for which he might need to take a loan out to pay for them. But he is not an eater of sweets, so the task falls squarely on my shoulders. In the last 14 hours, I have consumed an entire sleeve (that's half a box) of Thin Mints.

Let me state for the record that I am a fan of the Girl Scouts. I spent 12 years as an active (although I did the bare minimum) Girl Scout. And I do admit that the only reason I stayed with it in high school was for the trip to Europe. For my 26th birthday (yes, you read that right) I got a lifetime membership to the Girl Scouts. I wonder if I will ever be upgraded to Woman Scout?

During my Sophomore year of college, I went to a summer camp job fair and I got roped in to work as a lifeguard at a Girl Scout camp in the middle part of North Carolina (FYI: Sophia, North Carolina, in months of July and August, is hotter than the bottom-center of an active volcano). I was still kind of mentally and emotionally drained (read:crazy) from a bad break-up a few months prior, and I was excited to have the excuse to avoid my hometown all summer. Turns out that was one of best decisions (in the top three) that I have ever made.

It was hard, it was hot, I didn't make a ton of money, but I did get to spend copious amounts of time at the pool, eat an absolutely obscene amount of S'mores, become a member of the Order of the Forks, and I made some great friends. I got to hone my skills as an emcee for "talent" shows (see picture). I ended up working there for two more summers, plus a few weeks here and there while I was burning up comp-time after I had my first full-time job.

But digress ...

The husband has hidden the one (out of eight) boxes of cookies that he wants to keep out of my sugar-coated fingers. I will report back if Thin Mints are a good pre-run meal. They are shaping up to be a pre-"anything I do for the next two weeks" meal.


My Life & Running said...

I am so intrigued... what is the Order of the Forks? Or is it a totally top-secret Girl Scouts thing we civilians aren't privy to??

GS cookies are evil. We got one (1) box this year (honestly it would have been more, but my husband answered the door).

They're gone now. Too soon man, too soon.

Leah said...

I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you. It's really quite juvenile - if you ever happen upon a middle school cafeteria one day, you might see something similar!