Not much to report here. I am feeling better, but still a bit yucky. This should have cleared up by now, so I am to report to the doctor tomorrow if it is not any better. (I am not pregnant. I have had to make this disclaimer to many people, including my ever hopeful mother and mother-in-law.)

I did the marathon a month and a day ago, and since then I have logged six miles. I have done some other workouts, but this stomach bug thing has had me completely sidelined for about a week now. I keep thinking I will feel good enough to go for a workout, but when I get up to change into my workout clothes, something tells me it would be a bad idea.

If I can't get to training soon though, I am afraid to register for the half marathon. I don't want to go in with not enough training. I certainly didn't train enough for the marathon, although I was able to finish somewhat respectably and in relatively little pain. I would really hate to do the half marathon and finish SLOWER than last year.

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