Morning Has Broken

I actually got my lazy butt out of bed before 8 this morning! That is the thing about free-lancing/working from home: I love it, but at the same time, I feel uber lazy when I stay in bed past 8:03 (which happens more often then not). So I got myself up at the butt-crack of 7:45!!!

I am doing a 20-week training program for my upcoming marathon, and I don’t officially start that until September 2nd. So for the rest of the summer I am just going to work on things like becoming a morning runner, running more than two times a week, getting up before 8:03, etc…

I have enjoyed the post-half marathon slacking period, but it’s time to pony up and get back to it. One reason for needing to run more consistently is that during my half marathon training I became very familiar and comfortable with eating pretty much whatever I wanted and not putting on any weight. Well, my post-half marathon running may have slacked off, but my half marathon training eating habits have not. So I run.

This morning was a respectable-enough run. Not too hot, and I love that I got it out of the way. Maybe I will really start to dig the morning running thing. I hope so. My husband is employed by a Fancy-Schmancy Boarding and Prep School. Said school (which shall be referred to as FSBPS from now on) has a six hundred acre campus, with lots of places to run. I love running there. For one, I can leave my keys in my car. And I feel quite safe there.

Back to this morning – 27 minutes of running (probably just under 3 miles), with my dog (that's him, just to the left) in tow. Our former veterinarian put the fear of God into me about dogs overheating, so I am still a little unsure about him going out with me; He is still a new runner, so I don’t want to do too much, too soon. But there is a place on our running route where he can stop and take a swim/drink in the river to cool off. I am just being an over protective dog momma!


Zumba*Gen said...

Houston is so cute. If I get a dog, I am going to name him Buster.

Leah said...

But if you start over-mothering him, we shall refer to you as "Lucille."