Holy smokes – I’m on fire. TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS of running in the morning! And I shattered yesterdays rising time of 7:45 by getting up at 7:36! Where’s my medal?

In all seriousness, today was a good run (32 minutes), again with the dog. The dog slept for four solid hours yesterday afternoon as a result of our little jog, so I am hoping for a repeat performance from him today.

Yesterday I told my parents of my marathon plans. They were completely unaffected by the news. I wasn’t expecting a parade or anything, but a little more than “Really? A whole marathon?” would have been nice. They didn’t make the short drive to the half-marathon, opting instead to go to some random wedding, so I really want them to be there for this event. I think my mother is secretly chomping at the bit to get some grandchildren, and this obviously puts that off for a few more months. But she was slightly excited though, as she has never been to Disney, and the marathon is the perfect excuse to make my frugal father take her there. Conversely, my frugal father realized that he would have to go to Disney (and pay $7 for a Coke) to witness his youngest child compete in a marathon. They are the best parents in the world and they have always been super supportive of me, so their reaction (or lack thereof) threw me for a little loop. But the joke is on them, because I’ll just barf and/or pass out on them at the finish line – I’ll bet they react to that HAHA!

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Laurel said...

Reading this post I felt like you were talking about MY parents. I think their reaction to my running a half-marathon a mile from their house last March was:

"Do I have to get up to watch you run, cause it just really doesn't seem like my idea of a good time?"

That was right after my mother told me runners have a hard time getting pregnant.