Apparently You Just Run

Ahhh, a middle-of-the-week holiday. How does it become an excuse to slack for the whole week??? I’m not horribly upset with myself over it though. I did get lots done here in the way of packing (we are moving into a new place in three weeks), and I entertained my parents and their dog for three days. Their dog, a loveable basset hound, scared my 90 pound Lab into the dark corner of the bedroom for the duration of the visit. My dog is super sweet, but kind of a wuss.

Tomorrow is registration day for the marathon. I could go ahead and register now, but I want to wait for check to post in my account before I pay the redonkulous registration fee. And I am quite tempted to pay an even more redonkulous amount of money for a new pair of shoes this weekend, but I ought to wait until August to buy those. I am sure my husband would agree with me on this.

A few weeks ago I picked up a fun read about marathon training. This book was quite hilarious. I enjoyed reading about running from the perspective of someone who isn’t exactly enamored with the sport. Some people take this running thing far too seriously. One of my pet peeves is the runner who takes it so seriously that they have to gripe about every single thing that us non-serious types do to survive even a three-miler. Really, if you are SOOOO serious and awesome-O at this, get up front with the Russians and the Kenyans, and not back here in corral 27 with those of us who wear headphones, walk on occasion, don’t mind (and actually dig the folks from) Team in Training, and enjoy seeing people running races in tutus and with balloon animals on their heads, etc…

I should clarify. It is perfectly fine to take it seriously and do all you can to reach this PR or that milestone. Just don’t look down your collective noses* at those who need to do it differently to avoid losing their minds in the process.

*I know not all serious runners are like this. But some of them are. Those are the people I am speaking of.

Number of times the word “serious” (or some variation of the word) was used in this post: six

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Laurel said...

Ha! I completely agree with you on this point. Running snobs are the worst.

After I posted my last blog entry about the book, I sat down on the couch and read 100 pages in what seemed like 5 minutes. I love it so far!