35 minutes this morning. But it was a SLOW 35 minutes. And quite muggy. One would think that after having lived in the South my whole life that I would not be fooled by the initial “Oh, it’s kind of pleasant this morning” feeling that I got when I walked out the door. By the time I was ready to start my run, I was already kind of damp from the moisture in the air.

My goal for last week was consistency. And I was very consistent, up until Friday. Yes, the rest day throws me - I tend to make it a 72-hour rest day. I was quite sedentary all weekend. Which was probably one of the reasons why this morning’s run was so slow. But I was consistent for like five days of my training week, so maybe by the time I actually begin the marathon plan in September, I’ll be seven days strong.

I do know what will make me consistent and get out there when I need to, and that will be registering for the marathon. I have been talking about it, and I have probably referred to it in an “I have registered for…” kind of way, but the actual “handing over of money, here is how to contact my next of kin, my t-shirt size is medium” registration will be on Friday.

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Runner Gal Leana said...

Yuck, humdity will always make you slow down. Good job on getting out there though! I tried the New Balance skirt last night and I do like it. Probably my biggest pet peeve is that there is no pocket anywhere. I still prefer the SkirtSports Gym Girls the best so far - the fabric is a touch lighter. Good luck registering on Friday!