I am official! (part 1)

The lake was great, as I mentioned in my previous post. I did go for a run on Saturday morning at the local high school track with my cousin (in-law). I only did two miles, but my pace was around 9:30, and I didn't feel too horrible, considering it was my first run in two full weeks.

On Thursday (at the aforementioned "internet cafe") I finally registered for Disney! No turning back now - the hubs would be un-thrilled at the thought of me not running after we forked out the $105 registration fee. As I knew it would, registering for the marathon has gotten me a twitter to really get started on training. I was so excited that I read Runner's World cover-to-cover by the pool that afternoon!

We have returned home to record heat and humidity - the heat index every day this week is forecast to be well above 100. I know that anyone who is reading this from warmer climes is probably snickering at my melty-ness, but that kind of heat will send me to the treadmill. I might try to get a super-early morning run in, although I would place any bets on the treadmill workout.

Part Two of "I am official" will be posted later today. :)


Laurel said...

I don't care where you are from. A heat index of over 100 is HOT!!

Runner Gal Leana said...

I am so glad you officially registered - congrats! Just an FYI - I hear that Disney hotels are filling up over marathon weekend...