I am official, part deux

I'm late in recognizing this, but I found out that I have been tagged as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! And not once, but twice! First by RunMomma and then by Leana. This is certainly a proud day in my early blog career. RunMomma just finished the Bix 7 last week - congratulations to her, and I am honored to be listed as one of her "peeps." Leana is a kooky Canuck who has a slight obsession with running skirts. She is getting ready for eleventy-billion races, and one of them is Disney (the half AND the full - that's what I mean by kooky).

I am supposed to tag 5 other Rockin' Girls, but I don't read that many blogs, so I will have to keep an eye out for who to tag. I may tag people over the next month. For now though, I will say that Laurel is definitely a Rockin' Girl Blogger. One reason why she rocks so much is that she is training for her first full marathon. She is in Miami. It is August. Congratulations to her on her 20 miler this past weekend. That's 20 miles. In Miami. In August.

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Laurel said...

Awww, thanks so much!
I think I am still recovering from that run! Hahah!