Mountains. In north Alabama!

So the little trip that I was on for the second part of the week last week was at a joint called Camp Alpine. Beautiful place, and my favorite part was the two camp dogs who would hop in the river and swim a mile upstream with the kayaking and canoing groups. Then the doggies would get to ride back in a canoe. I am easily amused. It was a very nice trip, and I was uber encouraging and helpful on the high ropes course. I didn't get to harness up and do any of the elements, but I managed to break four fingernails, so I must have been working hard(ish).

I was amused that there was a place named Camp Alpine in northern Alabama, but I was quickly unamused 10 minutes into my run through camp on Friday evening. So although I had not planned it, I was able to get in a hill workout.

This Sunday morning was 60 minutes of running (5.74 miles). I was really dreading this run. It would be a false statement to say that I really ever am looking forward to a run like this, but I REALLY was not feeling it today. But since I didn't suck it up and do it yesterday when I should have, I had to do it. There was nothing monumental or noteworthy about the run today other than I saw two bunnies and a turtle. And some ten-year-old boy almost lapped me when I was on my third lap of the cross country loop. My pace was decent, and nothing was hurting or achy during the run. Most unremarkable. I guess it was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I would have rather stayed on the couch with the Hubs, coffee, and the dog.

On second thought, this was my longest run since the half marathon back in April. So that is somewhat noteworthy.

Happy Sunday all!

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