Playing Catchup

Quick running recap :

Saturday was my second long run, 50 minutes. I am happy to report that it was a fairly easy run, and I was pleasantly surprised when I mapped the route on runstoppable and found out that I got 4.8 miles in.

Sunday was scheduled to be a 4o minute run, but the Hubs and I went for a substantial hike instead. I probably should have tried to run later on Sunday evening, but I am not too worried about it. Hopefully I won't be regretting that when I get my run in later today.

Tomorrow afternoon I am leaving campus to go with the Freshman class for the aptly titled "Freshman Trip." Three days in the woods with a bunch of 14 year-olds. I am actually really excited about it - I love this kind of stuff. Must be a hangover from days as a Girl Scout camp counselor. I think that I am going to be on High Ropes Course duty. I am afraid that they won't let me do the actual ropes course and that I'll have to be "encouraging" and "helpful" instead of just having fun on the course (Zip line!!!!).


adamhillrocks said...

I tried to run in FLA. Holy Crap it was HOTTTTTT. I felt fried. I need to try this Fartlek thing.

Dave Fleet said...

Congratulations on the long run! Glad it went well.

Laurel said...

Great job on the run. Have fun on your camping trip!