. . . AND then you will run a mile

So it's 8:45 on Saturday morning. I've been up for a bit, and now I'm enjoying my coffee. According to the mercury (not the planet), it's a brisk 46 degrees outside. Nice and cool, excellent for a run. Excellent for a run, in theory, because I'm sitting here writing about NOT running this morning instead of actually running. Damn.

My body has recovered from its slight overtraining episode last week, but my mind has not. That, or I am letting my lazy shine through. I think it's the lazy. I have a cyclical relationship with lazy, if that makes any sense. And it is very inconvenient to be in the downswing of a lazy cycle while training for a marathon. But I would rather be feeling this way 90 days out instead of 30 days out.

Deep down I knew this would happen, and right about this time. I love the training schedule that I found, and one of the reasons why is that the first six weeks of training are based on minutes, not miles. Next week I start running for mileage. Well, the long run scheduled for this weekend is 90 minutes. Based on my times, I should be able to run at least 8.5 miles in that time. And I know that if I get off my John Brown hind parts I will be able to run that with relatively few problems. It will be hard and all, but it won't lay me out for the rest of the day. WELL, since next week calls to make the switch to mileage, instead of minutes, the workouts get a bit easier, compared to what I have been running. Lots of four milers during the week, and no ultra-intimidating long runs for a few weeks. It will build up of course, but the next two weeks of the program seem kind of like a downswing. So it is being timed with my lazy downswing.

Does that make one iota of sense? I remember choosing my training program and thinking "Oooh, that looks like kind of like a lull there around weeks 6-8. Jackpot."

There is a slight chance I will get a run in today, especially if my husband starts harassing me about it. I have to go work a football game today, and I need to be at the stadium around 3 bells. So the run will have to come in the next two hours at the latest. And I do have tomorrow too (procastinator!).

Photo caption: "I will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts. And then you will run a mile." How cool would it be to have Denzel as a marathon coach?

And in other news...

Happy 5th Anniversary to Gnumoon and her husband!


gnumoon said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Made me tery for the olden days. *sniff*

gnumoon said...

teary, even. damn.