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Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Okay, so it is Blog Action Day, and the topic is the environment. I have to admit that I didn't know it was Blog Action Day until I read some other blogs that reminded me of it. So the environment...

I would be a complete hypocrite if I were to slam on people who didn't recycle, or didn't use compact fluorescent bulbs, or who only stopped driving their beloved SUV because it died and the only replacement car they could afford was their sister's Saturn Ion. So I guess I can preach to do the little things (I am working on the recycling thing, I SWEAR!). I keep the lights out if we don't need them, I try to avoid using paper towels too much, I submitted my name to the "no more junk mail" list. The "no more junk mail" thing probably saved an acre of rain forest in and of itself. And since we have moved on campus, the aforementioned Saturn Ion has only been driven about 15 miles. So we are kind of a one-car family. Oh, and I re-use all my plastic grocery bags, but only one time, as we use them to pick up dog poo. And whenever we are car shopping again, we will go hybrid.

The closest thing to a rant I have that is sort of about the environment would be ridiculous amount of new housing I see. I understand that the population is growing exponentially, but let's try buying a house that is used before we dig up another 1/3 acre parcel to build a new house that looks like every other McMansion within a mile radius.

So I don't guess that I have anything else to add to what is out there about the environment. Just keep in mind that our children and our children's children will want a habitable planet on which to live.

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