Five Dreary Miles

After taking yesterday off to rest, I got up and did my five this morning. Luckily there was a slight break in the rain, and I was able to finish with only getting sprinkled on a few times. Somehow it was still really hot though. By the end of the run, I would have welcomed a football player dousing me with the ice water from the Gatorade cooler. That certainly would have made for a more interesting blog post.

Today's run is what Vanilla over at Half-Fast would call "The Blog Buster."

Much like an episode of The Bill Engvall Show this run goes off without anything interesting or funny happening. Your time is as you expected it would be and there is nothing worth noting about this run. That's all great but now you don't have anything to blog about.

If there is any runner out there who is reading this blog, but hasn't come across Half-Fast yet (doubtful), get yourself over there - it's good stuff. He also has a list that details eight other types of runs, in addition to the aforementioned "Blog Buster."

My run was so blog-bustery that I just pretty much wrote about someone else's blog.

Vanilla has a very sternly written copyrght notice, but since I linked it twice, I assume we're square.

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