Warm, gooey, double-chocolate

Anyone who knows me knows that those words are heaven to me. But today it was warm, GU-ey, Double Chocolate. My first experience with Gu was a good one. I was running a new neighborhood, with no planned route at all. Dutifully following package directions, I stopped at 45 minutes to try my Gu. On first taste (just a little lick) I was pleasantly surprised. Like a very rich pudding. MMMMM, pudding. So I decided to down the whole thing. It tasted really good! But then I had to swallow. EH, it got a little gross then. I felt the slightest gag relfex. It was like shooting a Lemon Drop, Apple Pie Shot, or a Buttery Nipple or any other sweet shot from a bartender. Good at first taste, but then you have to pray to not vomit as you are actually swallowing said shot. I quickly washed it down with some delicious, delicious water.

The new route was great! Well, once I got used to the hills, it was great. They really aren't too big, there there were so many of them - look at that elevation graph! I also learned my lesson about how to choose which street to take when you are on a new, un-pre-mapped out run: avoid streets with names like Hill Crest Drive, Rolling Hills Lane, Ridgetop Avenue, and La Petite Montagne Circle.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to get 90 minutes in. And I was feeling good enough to do it. Like really good! By the time I had run back to my car, I was at the 82:00 minute mark. Maybe the Gu was clouding my judgement, but I decided to just run right past my car. You read that correctly, I willingly chose to keep running. I actually wanted to keep going. I remember asking myself, "Self, what is up? Are you sure you want to keep doing this?" I then took myself about halfway across the river on one of the bridges and then turned around to take myself home. So I didn't keep going for a super-long time, but I did round out to a solid 90 minute run. Runstoppble later reveal that I covered 8.9 miles of ground. I was very pleased with this time, especially considering the hills. I thought those had slowed me down, but apparently not (or I made up for it on the flat ground at least).

All in all, last week turned out to be a good running week for me. I am hoping that I have shaken the burnout monkey that was plaguing me the two weeks prior. And I broke 20 for my weekly mileage last week. I know that I have to add quite a bit more, but I am ready for it. Yesterday's nine miles was a great confidence booster. It was hard and all, but I felt great during AND after the run. Now I just have to keep it up for the four and five milers during the week!


Taryn said...

Congrats on breaking through 20! And those hills look scary to me...!

Laurel said...

Wow, great job on breaking 20!

Don't worry, the GU will get better. The chocolate one is the best, by far in my opinion. The others don't taste like pudding, unfortunately.