Weekend Wrap Up

A very busy weekend, and none of it was filled with running.

I was the dorm parent on duty for my dormitory both Friday and Saturday, so I had to stay mostly tethered to campus. It's really not a bad deal. I was able so spend all of Saturday afternoon in our apartment watching football. Friday night was homecoming here, so I got to see all our dorm girls get all gussied up and head to the homecoming dance. They looked so pretty, and I felt quite like a mom (I assume) sending them out the door to the dining hall that had been transformed for the dance.

Saturday night was very interesting as well. Well, not so much interesting as it was completely terrifying. The most condensed version I can come up with follows:

The girls have to do a face-to-face check-in with me at 5 pm. One girl says "My roommate isn't feeling well. Does she have to come up for check-in?" So I hand my trusty (dorky) clipboard off to one of the seniors so that I can go check on said girl. I could hear her coughing through her room door. I knocked, but she didn't answer, and it was locked. I got my keys and when I went in I found her on the floor, fetal position, coughing so violently she was gagging/throwing up. I asked her if she could get up (in retrospect, a very dumb question) so that we could go to the health center (thankfully located on the bottom level of our building), but she could not verbally respond.

Long story even shorter, we get the on-duty nurse to come up and she administers some oxygen and Benadryl. She was marginally better after that, but I get to call 911 anyway and go for a ride in the ambulance with our girl to the hospital. And we went to the children's hospital, so I got to watch 2 hours of "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" on Nickelodeon. I almost hate to admit that it was entertaining and I didn't move to change the channel once. Oh, and the girl is okay, thank goodness. They sent us home a few hours later.

The girl that this happened to is a super-star soccer player. And she is allergic to grass. And she has asthma. So the combination of the fresh cut grass and pretty hefty athletic competition on said grass for 90 minutes happened to be the perfect storm that led to this violent asthma attack.

Sunday we got up and made the drive to Nashville to go to the dedication for my little baby cousin at church. I can't get over how big she has gotten since I saw her last in August. But I guess babies do that. We had a good time and it was great to family, as per usual. I was beat when I got home though. Maybe the excitement of Saturday night caught up with me, but I crashed around 8:30, and stayed that way for a good 10 hours.

I did my long run this morning. It wasn't as good as last weeks' long run, but it wasn't too horrible either. 9.54 miles, 1:39:24. So a pace of around 10:23. I was hoping to break 10 miles, but I'm not too torn up that I didn't. I'll shoot for that on Sunday.

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Taryn said...

Wow, scary about the asthma! I remember being at a birthday party when I was little and a girl having an attack... they put her in the bathroom with the shower on full heat and then the ambulance came. Sooo glad you were there for her!

Fab job on your 9.54! I think you ran it in about the time I did my 8 ;)