Got four miles in on the treadmill yesterday. I started out pretty slow, but picked the pace up. The ankle held up well, although it is still a tad puffy, and a pretty shade of light green.

Luckily, my upcoming weeks' long run is scheduled to be only nine miles, a drop back from what I had been doing on long runs. So since I had to miss my long run for last week, I will do 13 this week, then 15 the next week.

And we have had a weird warm week this week, so I am able to put off purchasing running tights yet again. I went to price out some of the "real" ones (read: not from Target) - YOWZA those aren't cheap!

Man I really got nothin' tonight!

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Runner Gal Leana said...

How did your long run go? I hope the ankle is holding up. Race programs for Disney were supposed to be mailed on Friday.....I can't wait till I get mine. Can you believe how fast the clock is ticking down?

BTW, you've been tagged!