Can't Touch This

Maybe the forced mid-training schedule taper has done some good. My cold is almost totally gone, the ankle is almost back to normal, and I am actually chomping at the bit to go for a run.

It has finally gotten cold here, so I may need to add some cold weather gear to the running wardrobe. A beanie/hat for sure. I have a pretty good wind breaker, but I might look into a fleece jacket, and then something for my lower half. Tights. I am not looking forward to going out in running tights, but I am less looking forward to being the red-legged runner who insists on wearing shorts no matter how cold it is. And maybe some gloves. And because I am cheap, I will probably purchase most of this at Target. I do actually already own a pair of running tights that the track coach from my old job gave me (working in an athletic department = lots of t-shirts/bags/gear from coaches as a way to say thank you). But they must have been a left-over pair, because they are XXLs, and they look like MC Hammer pants on me.

I am planning on getting some quality time on the stationary bike this afternoon, maybe a 3-4 miler tomorrow to see how the ankle feels, and then an attempt at my scheduled long run of 13 on Monday (so maybe this was like my taper week before a half marathon?). I posted that the trainer on Wednesday made me worry about my mileage: I am in the 25ish range right now, and that number will only be going up. Maybe he thought I was a super-serious runner - I think he thought I was in the 45/week range.

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Runner Gal Leana said...

Ah, running tights. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I hate the way they look, but I have to be honest....they are so worth it. I got three pairs of Sugois earlier on in the year on clearance and they are AMAZING. Good luck shopping!