Looooooong run!


Fifteen miles this morning. It was actually not all that bad. I did an out-and-back route, which I love, because if I make it out, I know I HAVE to get back. Took me 1:20 to get to my turn around point, and 1:25 to get back. I took several walk breaks during the last three miles (at least 7 minutes worth), so my pace might have been a bit faster when I was actually running.

During the last three miles I was having some knee problems with my right knee. It was the kind of shooting pain that I had for the end of that half marathon. So I would run 3 minutes, stretch the hell out of it, and then walk for a few minutes. All-in-all, I felt pretty good when I was done, although I am worried that my knee isn't going to hold up.

Game ball for today's run goes to the Runner's World "What Should I Wear" quiz. The temperature was 29 when I started out, with winds around 10 mph (a special mention to weather. com for the run forecast). I wore what the guide recommended and I was quite comfortable for the majority of the run.

Honorable mention for today's run goes to my bowels (classy, huh?). They did their thing right before I left the house, and then I didn't think about them again until around mile 12. Way to go alimentary canal!

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Laurel said...

Way to show love to the bowels! It's always a better run when they cooperate.

Great job on the long run!