Contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor.

I think one reason why the 15 miler went so well was because I LOOKED like a runner. What made me look like a runner Saturday, moreso than most days? For one, I was on the trail by 8 on a Saturday morning. For another, it was very cold, and I followed the previously mentioned "what to wear" guide. The only thing they recommended that I didn't wear were gloves. The only gloves that I have are my supa-dupa ski mittens. And wearing those would have made it very hard to control my iPod or consume my Gu. A pair of oven mitts would have been as sleek.

Otherwise, head-to-toe, I was runner-ed out. A Nike Skullcap (I actually love this thing. I wear it around my house all the time. There is something very comforting about it.), a long sleeved techno shirt, an Adidas windbreaker, a New Balance running skirt, my pseudo running tights, which are actually my (skinny) husband's long johns, some fancy socks from the running store, and then my Sauc's. Add the iPod and the water bottle, and I looked like a something from "Fashion Plates, Active Wear Edition."

I don't quite know how to feel about that. Normally I pride myself on my cheepiness, and my ability to have an entire wardrobe comprised of the Target clearance racks.

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Laurel said...

Your running wardrobe is similar to mine. A hodge-podge of brands.