A real pain in the knee

My right knee, a historically BAD knee, has started to ache a bit. I'd like to thank allaboutarthritis.com for the excellent picture that illustrates just what it feels like. I know there is some cartilage floating around in there, and I've had a trainer or two tell me that I probably had a meniscus tear. I always mean to go to the doctor about it, but by the time I finally hurt enough to make an appointment, the pain will ease up and I will forget about it. I made it through the half marathon with very few problems on that knee. Granted, when I was finishing the half marathon I thought that the knee had actually fallen off somewhere around mile 11. But it never bothered my during my training for the half.

I almost didn't run yesterday - I don't want one of those injuries that keeps you out of the whole thing. Rest or run? What to do? I ended up getting in six good miles in yesterday afternoon. I had initially only planned just going out and seeing how the knee was feeling. I've discovered that it doesn't hurt while I'm running. That can't be good. Achy and tight when I'm sitting on my butt watching TV, but A-OK while I'm running for and hour at a time.

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Laurel said...

I have been having knee problems again since the marathon, so I know how you feel. I think it's a case of runner's knee. It's realy frustrating when I need to be out there running and and can't because I need to be resting. :(