That's MRS. Before I'm Thrity, thankyouverymuch

I have a doctor's appointment at 2:15 today so that he can look at, and hopefully fix, my good knee. The left knee did fine during the long run, but on Sunday afternoon, as the Hubs and I were at Big Lots looking for some Christmas decorations (we are cheap and festive), Lefty went wonky. In an instant. That is the best way I can describe it. Now going up and down the stairs is fairly excruciating and long walks with the dog leave it achy. I think it might be Runner's Knee, but I dunno. My neighbor went to this same doctor with some shin issues before her half-marathon, and she said he made it all better. Hopefully he can work his magic twice!

I have been doing lots of stretching, icing, and taking anti-inflammatory stuff and it does feel marginally better. Yesterday I went to the gym and without thinking I got on the treadmill. I ran for about an nth of a mile and decided to get on the elliptical instead. I did about 5 miles and got the heart rate up for about 40 minutes.

Oh, and the only other slightly exciting thing is that I am officially, after 3.5+ years of marriage, a Mrs. I made the trek to the Social Security office and changed my name yesterday. When I went to the information desk and told the gentleman that I needed to change my name because I had gotten married, he immediately congratulated me on my wedding and asked me about my honeymoon. When I told him how long ago all of that was, he seemed crestfallen almost. I am wondering if in all that he does at the Social Security office, asking about weddings might be the high point.

Last week I was tagged by Leana and I promise I am going to do some blog tagging of my own soon!

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