Snake Oil Medicine Show

(not the band)

I bundled up yesterday morning and hit my favorite four mile route. There was frost on everything, but the sun was starting to melt it away in spots. Beautiful morning.

The first two miles were great. About a 10:07 pace, and not much knee pain until right at two miles. I stopped at my turnaround point and stretched out. Knee pain gone. The last two miles seemed to go by much faster for some reason, although my pace was close to 10:45-11:00. I had to stop and stretch a few more times as the knee got a bit more achy.

I felt GREAT the rest of the day. Was it "ahh, I ran again, it was good, so now I feel great," kind of like the placebo effect? Or was it the actual physiology of running that they are always telling us about? Little bit of both, I guess. Whatever it was, I am so so glad I got up and went out yesterday morning.

I'll take two more bottles please.

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My Life & Running said...

I freak whenever my knee starts hurting... and it usually only does for a teeny bit and then goes away. Runners' knee... it's a big fear o'mine.

Hope it was just a funky run!