Got 3.1 in on the treadmill last night, with actually little perceived exertion. I also did some ab and quad work as well. I was very embarrassed when the teenage girl on the machine next to me upped her weights with the 45 pound plates, while I was lunging away with a meager 25 pounds. I wanted to tell her "I could add 90 pounds to this, but my doctor told me to go with slow reps of lighter amounts." Thankfully, my self-censor was working and I quietly finished my workout.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a junkfood junkie. I bought a package of Mint Creme Oreos on Saturday afternoon, and they were all gone by mid-day Monday. And I know that my husband didn't have a one of them. Must regain control!

So for the next two weeks I am going back to my standby of Weight Watchers. I am not going back to meetings, ($12 a week? Not on our current budget!) but I am counting points. In case any of my 5 faithful readers don't know, Weight Watchers works by counting a points value for all your foods. Kind of like calories, but without the extra zeros. I get 20 points worth of food a day. I did have to change the battery in my kitchen scale so that I could weigh out my serving of cheese yesterday. I am not really so concerned about my weight, as it has been steady (give or take 2 pounds) for about two years now, but I really do need work on the nutrition side of things.

Now, I have a frosty glass of ice-cold water to get to - I've got to get those 64 oz in!

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