Weekend Wrap Up, Tuesday Style

Awesomely good weekend in Nashville. Congratulations to Adam for rockin' it out at 1:54 for the half.

I was only a little sad that I didn't do the half this year. We had a spot to cheer at Belmont Church, somewhere just after the eight mile point. Excellent music. I admit that for about the first five minutes after we got there, I was having trouble cheering for all the runners. I was really trying. I was clapping, sticking my hand out for the occasional high-five, but every time I tried to yell, "good job," "keep it up, " or something like that, nothing would come out. Because I was about to cry. And not just choked up either. More like on the verge of the water works. I was never so emotional when I was actually running a race. I guess it was seeing all the people running, and recognizing and remembering almost every emotion that they were going through. The gal who was sprinting by the guy who was happily jogging along past the other guy who had slowed to a walk while grasping at his side stitch. I was able to witness a perfect slice of the emotions of the whole thing (save for the finish) in one glance. I finally got over myself and found my voice. I think my hands got a little raw from clapping. It was a few hours very well spent.

Annoyingly enough, the cheering experience has not led to any amazing, Chariots-of-Fire-esque runs this week. It has however let to some amazing Oreo consumption. I should get a medal for it or something. I hope to hit the trail tomorrow morning and shake off the lazies though.


Slow Poke said...

Aaahhh, yes, Oreo consumption. I understand your predicament - I've recently been through that phase myself. Hang in there though, it all seems to go in cycles and the Chariots-of-Fire-esque runs will come again soon.

Alisa said...

So did you hit the trail?

I am going to do something this Saturday (been working 12 hour days), but SOMETHING will be done.