Is it in you?

Currently it is 93 degrees here, but with the humidity it feels like 100 degrees. Six hours ago I think the outside temperature was about the same, or maybe even hotter. It certainly felt that way at least. I may have to get up and run at 5 am Monday if the weather holds as such.

Got in the whole eight miles this morning. The last mile was the worst. I ended up back at my car at the 7.60 point, so I had to just run (in the loosest and slowest sense of the word) around the park to make up the other 4/10ths. I could have stopped and called it a run, but I had been suffering long enough, what is 4 more minutes tacked onto the end of it? Today was definitely one of the hardest runs I have ever done. Part of it was the hills, but the main culprit was the heat.

In the shiny new issue of Runner's World there was an article that said that chocolate milk was an excellent run-recovery drink. Something about protein. I have some milk here and I have some chocolate syrup. But I was REALLY tired from that run and the thought of actually mixing my own chocolate milk up was just too much, so I went with the Light Chocolate Soymilk (a new addition to our fridge anyway). Well it was DELISH. I have been having some of it each night to help with my sillystrong chocolate sweet-tooth, but the drink has only been so-so up till this point. There might a label on it that says "formulated to taste best when you need it most" or something like that, because it was so good I had to go for a second glass. Like chocolate Gatorade. As I said in the walk of shame post, don't judge.

I was going to photoshop some Extreme Cacao Chocoblast Frost Quench Gatorade bottle. Perhaps I'll work on that this evening.

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