Four miles down this morning and I feel awesome. Like rock star good. It was far more humid than I had anticipated but it wasn't so bad once I got in the groove. Took the dog with me. He is a good excuse for walk and water hose breaks. Total time was 43 minutes, including those walk and water hose breaks. Still loving the shoes, although one of my arches is a bit sore. I have taken to rolling each foot on a tennis ball for about 20 minutes each night, and that has helped.

This week has been beyond stressful here at the ol' FSBPS and today's run was one of those that runners go on and on (and on) about how it clears the mind and releases tension, etc. As the majority of my runs only bring me soreness and creative cursing, the whole clarity and inner peace was a nice change of pace.

I may try to head over and catch the Saturday version of kettlebells class tomorrow, but frankly I'm kind of scared of it. Saturdays are a bit more intense, and I know for a fact that once they went into the parking lot, harnessed up, and pulled some dude's F-150 across the parking lot. I may take my camera if I go - should I go all "world's strongest man" tomorrow, I want documentation.

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Laurel said...

Sounds like a great run! Hope your feet start feeling better soon.