That time of (new) year

Oh what a fun time of year. Resolution time. So much hope, promise. Wait until about early February when those have all fallen by the wayside and many of us resolutioners are sitting right where we are tonight. So what kinds of resolutions can I come up with?

1. Figure out this whole mom thing. Well, this one isn't so much as resolution as "you have no other choice, so make it work." And I am sure that this will be my number one resolution for the rest of my life. Can't you just see me Jan 1, 2088 (I would be 109 years old. I may be overly-optimistic about my life expectancy) making this exact same resolution.

2. Oh the running. I would like to be a runner again.

3. Promote/market myself. Right now I call myself a freelancer, but really I just have one big contract that takes up about 9-10 months out of my year. If I lose that nugget, I will go from "freelancer" to "broke." So I would like to get some more gigs. Branch out a bit. I do lovelovelove the sports video, but I've done other topics before and it might be nice to try again. Maybe a documentary or something. And suggestions for topics?

4. Eat more vegetables. I have this resolution every year. This one might actually be harder for me than the mom resolution.

Those are pretty much the top four. There is really no "how do I do this" to resolutions two through four. I know how to do those things, it's just a matter of doing it. Once upon a time I signed myself up for a marathon and then, shock of shocks, I actually did it. So I know that I can start things and then finish them. I just have to remember to make myself keep on keepin' on.

Happy new year all! And here's a picture of my baby. Just 'cause.