It is much easier to find the energy to get out for a run when your baby is sleeping through the night. The holidays, plus teething (maybe), plus a random fever and a bit of the sniffles made for a craptacular week last week. For her and for us. But she seems to be returning to my "sleep for 12 consecutive hours" baby, so things are looking up.

The wicked cold temps sent me back to the cardio room today. I should have known it would be packed. And two of the four treadmills are broken. So I did elliptical and leg work this afternoon.

I am headed to NYC this weekend for my sister's wedding. I really really want to get up on Saturday AM to go on a group run with the NY Road Runners Club at Central Park. But the high that day is 22. I really don't think it will happen. But it would be a nice thing to be able to say that I've done.

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Laurel said...

You should do it! 22 wont seem so cold after a mile or two.

Have fun.